Samurai LTO Node

An independent community node on the LTO Network - support the network by leasing and get LTO tokens in return.

Leasing Conditions

Conditions for Leasing LTO tokens

Staking on the LTO mainnet generates a competitive APY on your leased tokens. The exact current percentage can be found here and a rewards calculator for LTO leasing (aka delegating) is available here. provides a weekly payout on Saturdays around UTC 12:00 PM. Pay out currently amounts to 99% of earned node rewards, 1% fee is used to cover transactions and server maintenance costs. Since our go-live in April 2021 these conditions remained unchanged and will not be subject to change in the forseeable future. An auto-compounding lease model is possible, you can ask about it in the Samurai Node chat.

Create a LTO wallet

First of all, you need to create an official mainnet LTO wallet. Don't forget to save your seed phrase, without it you can not restore your wallet should your device get damaged. NEVER communicate this seed phrase to anyone, if asked for it you are probably being scammed. If you require a more in-depth tutorial feel free to consult our LTO docs tutorial.

Transfer funds to your wallet

Now transfer your funds from an exchange to your newly created wallet. Use your wallet address if transferring to LTO mainnet, use the bridge if transferring ERC-20 tokens. To help you with transfers we created a bridge tutorial, as well as tutorials for the most common exchanges: Binance, AscendEX, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap! If you have problems or are unsure about the process feel free to ask in the telegram LTO main chat.

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